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Play Your Favorite Games Using a White GameCube Controller

The GameCube is Nintendo's sixth-generation console. A white GameCube controller includes all the buttons, controls, and features of any standard controller. You can add a white controller to your GameCube collection, or you can purchase one on eBay to match your white console.

What features do these controllers have?

White GameCube controllers feature the standard GameCube controller layout and buttons. These items will function the same as your original GameCube controller. The standard design includes:

  • Joysticks: The white GameCube controller features a gray joystick on the left side and a yellow C joystick on the lower right side.
  • Buttons: On the left side of the controller, you'll find the green 'A' button, red 'B' button, and gray 'X' and 'Y' buttons. There is also a 'Start' button in the center of the controller.
  • Bumpers: The controller has two bumpers, or triggers, on either side at the top.
How can you connect these controllers?

There are three primary ways you can connect a white GameCube controller to your system. All of these methods will provide you with the functionality you need to play your favorite games on the console. You can use eBay to find the connection type that meets your personal preferences. The most common ones you'll find are:

  • Wired: This interface connects your controller to the GameCube console directly using a wire leading from the controller to an input port on the system. You can choose wired connections in various lengths for your convenience.
  • RF 2.4GHz: This type of wireless connection technology uses a radio frequency to connect the controller to the GameCube system.
  • Bluetooth: You can use a Wi-Fi network and add your controller and console to it in order to connect them wirelessly.
Can you purchase used controllers?

You can find a wide selection of both new and pre-owned white GameCube controllers on eBay. If you are purchasing another controller to add to your existing collection, you may prefer to buy a used GameCube controller that won't be your primary interface device. In many cases, used controllers will function like brand-new ones but may feature slight cosmetic wear. You can also purchase a pre-owned controller to use for parts in your other controllers. If you find refurbished controllers, they are intended to function and to look like brand-new ones. eBay offers hundreds of white GameCube controllers, but you can use the site's helpful search options to find the new or used items that suit you.

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