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Buying an Original Game Boy Console

As the first portable gaming console in Nintendo's Game Boy series, this 8-bit console started the handheld gaming craze upon its release in 1989. Though the construction and design of the Game Boy Classic console might seem basic today, the first portable Game Boy remained a success until it was discontinued in 2003 to make way for newer, upgraded versions like the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP, which made drastic changes to the classic design.

What Is the Original Game Boy?

Released in Japan first, the classic Nintendo Game Boy was the first video-game console of its kind. It launched in North America several months later to commercial success that would last for years, powered by numerous game titles.

  • This device runs on a Z80 processor, and the exterior of the console is a light gray shade. The LCD screen offers a 160 by 144 pixel resolution and is a reflective display.
  • The Game Boy is a cartridge-based system, which means that to play a game you insert a small cartridge into the loading tray. These are referred to as Game Paks, and they use ROM technology to run.
  • The palm-sized tech measures 90 mm by 148 mm, making it just the right size for slipping into a bag, backpack, or even a pocket to game on the go.

What Are Some Features of the Game Boy?

Though its tech may not be as advanced as some of today's gaming systems, by 1980s standards, the Game Boy was pretty impressive, and there are a few notable features of this record-breaking device.

  • The controls include a D-pad that can go in eight directions, along with A and B buttons that control your actions during gameplay, including jumping and punching. There's also a Start and Select button.
  • At one end of the device, you'll find the tray to insert the games. Next to this, there's an on-and-off switch that has an extra benefit in that you can lock it to ensure nobody can put a game in or take it out while the device is switched on. In the instructions for the device, the company recommends always leaving a game inside the tray even when you're not playing to avoid dust buildup.
  • There are inputs and outputs on this device, including a 3.5 mm jack.

Which Games Can You Play on This Console?

Through the years there have been many titles released for the Game Boy Classic, and some have made an enduring impact on gaming culture.

  • The Classic was initially released in a package that contained one game: Tetris. The addictive puzzle game went onto become a cult classic and helped make the first Game Boy even more appealing.
  • The initial wave of titles also included Super Mario Land, Tennis, and Baseball.
  • Some subsequent titles of note were The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Red and Blue, and the original Super Mario Bros.

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