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Game Boy Advance Features and Accessories

Handheld video games are a way to entertain and educate adults and children alike. Nintendo is a powerhouse in the gaming industry and the creator of the Game Boy Advance, also known as GBA. The console was originally released in the early 2000s and can be found on eBay in both new and used conditions.

What's the average battery life of a Game Boy Advance?

On average, the Game Boy Advance, from Nintendo, will last about 15 hours of playing time when new AA batteries are first installed. Factors that contribute to how long batteries will last may include:

  • Game Pak in use
  • Volume
  • Screen light
  • Powering off when not in use
  • Quality of batteries installed
Can Game Boy games be played in other Nintendo consoles?

Yes, Nintendo set up Game Boy Advance games to be compatible with other products, including the GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite. Most Game Boy and Game Boy Color games can also be used with the console.

What accessories can be used with Nintendo's Game Boy Advance?

Many Nintendo products can be used with the Game Boy Advance to increase player experience. A wireless adapter allows players to link to other players playing the same game for interactive adventures. The Play-Yan accessory uses a wide cartridge that allows the player to connect headphones. A cleaning cartridge adapter is a cartridge that is installed in the Game Boy Advance to clean the system and prevent dust and debris from building up in the slot.

The accessories mentioned above were sanctioned or created by Nintendo. The gaming system also has a variety of unofficial adapters and accessories, which can be found in new or used condition on eBay. Unofficial accessories may include:

  • HaloLight - Screen protector
  • GBA TV Tuner - Allows television programs to be watched on the console
  • Flash cartridges - Used for independent games
  • GlucoBoy - Glucose monitoring system
  • GameShark - Cheat code generator
What Special Edition Game Boy Advance Systems are there?

Nintendo released limited edition gaming systems for super fans. The specialty consoles were available for a limited time and included Nintendo and pop culture references. Many of the limited-edition GBAs were focused around Pokemon and include the Gold Pokemon Edition, Suicine edition, Celebi edition, and Latias/Latios edition.

Other non-Pokemon character editions include Hello Kitty, Yomiuri Giant, King of Fighters, Mario and Luigi, Chobits, and Battle Network characters, The special edition GBAs are easily recognized by gold, silver, or platinum bezels and character logos on the exterior of the system.

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