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Find a Replacement LCD Screen for Your Nintendo Game Boy Advance

A cracked screen can seem like the end of a Nintendo Gameboy Advance, but with a little know-how and a replacement screen, it could be salvageable. Whether your Game Boy's screen was cracked by an unlucky drop onto a hard surface or has developed dead spots, replacing the screen is often a solution. Read on to learn more about finding the right LCD screen for your Nintendo Game Boy Advance model.

What's the difference between Game Boy Advance LCD screens?

It may seem that some LCD screens should fit multiple Gameboy Advance models because they appear to be identical, but you should be sure to get the screen that matches your model. Slight differences in the design of screen connectors or the screen's dimensions can make one screen incompatible with another.

What are the signs you need to replace a LCD screen?

Sometimes, it's obvious that you need a new screen, and sometimes, it could be other things that are causing a problem. Here are some of the symptoms you'll notice when an LCD screen goes bad:

  • Dead pixels: When a pixel cell on the screen burns out, it will appear as a white spot. The only way to repair it is by replacing the screen.
  • Dead lines: Another problem that can occur is entire lines of pixels going dead. Again, you'll need to replace the screen if this happens.
  • Cracked or smashed: Physical damage will ruin a screen.
  • Screen dims or fails to turn on: A faulty screen connector or cable can be the cause of these symptoms, but it can also be weak batteries or bad battery connections.
Can a backlit LCD screen replace a non-backlit screen?

No, it's not the case that you can replace one with the other. Some Game Boy Advance models use a backlit screen, while earlier versions do not. This is why you'll see both backlit and non-backlit Game Boy Advance screens. You'll need to get a Game Boy Advance with a backlit screen if you want backlighting.

How is a LCD screen replaced?

The exact process of replacing the screen on a Game Boy Advance will depend on the model you have. Generally speaking, you'll need to get the correct type of screwdriver to disassemble the Game Boy's housing. Screens are usually screwed onto a PCB board and connected to it with a connector cable. You'll need to carefully disconnect the old screen and remove it. Then, attach the new screen and plug its cable connector into the Game Boy's circuit board. You can test the screen by turning the power on before reassembling the Game Boy.

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