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Common Questions About the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak

Expansion Paks for the Nintendo 64 video game console enhances the visual details of games to give you a more immersive experience. By increasing the console's RAM from 4MB to 8MB, the Nintendo 64 Expansion Paks you can find on eBay also offer greater color depth and higher resolutions for many games.

How do you use a Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak?

To use this add-on, remove the pre-installed Jumper Pak at the top of the console and insert the Expansion Pak in its place. Some Expansion Paks come with an ejector tool to help you remove the Jumper Pak. Once inserted, the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak can enhance your game visuals.

What Nintento 64 games require an Expansion Pak to play?

For certain games, if you don't have the Expansion Pak installed the game will not run and you'll get a black screen. The three Nintendo 64 games that you must have an Expansion Pak to play are:

  • "Donkey Kong 64" - In addition to enhancing this game's graphics, the Expansion Pak prevents a bug from crashing the game.
  • "Perfect Dark" - You need the Expansion Pak to play this game's Single Player and Co-op modes. Also, you can't play the game's counter-operative campaigns or many of its multiplayer modes without the add-on.
  • "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" - The Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak greatly enhances this game's textures and allows for more on-screen models and effects. The fog common in the previous game is also less prevalent, allowing for greater visual depth.
What games does the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak enhance?

The Expansion Pak supports extra features in many other games as well:

  • "Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness" - The Pak allows for a special high-resolution mode.
  • "Duke Nukem: Zero Hour" - With the add-on, you can play this game with a faster frame rate or higher resolution.
  • "Gauntlet Legends" - The device allows for a four-player mode.
  • "Hydro Thunder" - The device unlocks both three- and four-player modes.
  • "Pokemon Stadium 2" - You can increase your game's resolution to 640x480.
  • "Quake II" - An Expansion Pak gives this game much more graphical detail.
  • "San Francisco Rush 2049" - You can unlock a host of extra features with the Pak, such as an advanced racing circuit and changeable rims.
  • "StarCraft 64" - Required for Brood War missions, the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak also allows for a split-screen mode.
  • "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2" - This game's frame rate receives a boost from the add-on, allowing for more detailed multiplayer games.
  • "Turok: Rage Wars" - The Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak increases this game's texture and screen resolutions.
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