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Buying Nintendo 3DS NTSC Japan Video Game Consoles

The Nintendo 3DS is the fifth major handheld gaming console released by Nintendo. It was first released in Japan on February 26, 2011. It is a console for anyone who wishes to play Nintendo mainstays, such as "Pokemon" and "Zelda," while on the go.

How does the Nintendo 3DS work?

As its name implies, the 3DS edition supports 3D features. This is one of the trademark features of the console. You do not need to wear 3D glasses in order to use the 3D function. The 3D on the 3DS is full stereoscopic. There is a switch on the side of the device's screen that turns the 3D features on and off. This can be done during gameplay. Not all 3DS games have 3D functionality, but many do. Some games only utilize the 3D functions during key scenes, while in others the entire game is playable in 3D.

Is a Japanese 3DS needed to play Japanese games?

Yes. The 3DS is region-locked, and Nintendo 3DS NTSC Japan video game consoles will only play Japanese games. The same is true for any digital games purchased from the Nintendo eShop. This makes a Japanese version of the system necessary for anyone who wishes to experience a favorite title in its original language or to play games that were not released outside of Japan, such as the "Ace Attorney" spin-off series "Dai Gyakuten Saiban." Remember, games and a system from Japan will all be in the Japanese language. The 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games.

What models of 3DS are there?

There have been several 3DS system models made available since the original release. They are outlined below. Most of these models also come in an LL version which is just a larger version of the same device. LL stands for "Large-Large" and is the Japan equivalent of XL models elsewhere.

  • The Nintendo 3DS: This is the original model.
  • The 2DS: The 2DS is similar to the 3DS and can play all games that a 3DS can. The only differences are that the 2DS does not feature the folding clamshell design and does not support 3D features. It is considered a more basic, entry-level model.
  • The new Nintendo 3DS: The new 3DS has additional processing power in order to run more demanding software. Some products, such as "Xenoblade Chronicles," will only run on this model.
What are their specs?

The different models of Nintendo 3DS have different specs - some drastically different. They all support SD cards for storage of digital content, save data, DLC, and updates for cartridge-based games. They all have Wi-Fi capability, a headphone jack, and built-in front-facing and rear-facing cameras for taking pictures and video. The 3DS has two screens, one upper and one lower. The lower screen is a touch screen that may be optional or required for gameplay. A stylus, which all models come with, is required to use the touch screen with sufficient accuracy. For controls, the 3DS has both a circle pad and a D-pad, giving users three possible ways to control gameplay.

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