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Ninja Countertop Blenders

Ninja countertop blenders come in several different styles. Some models are full-size, professional appliances while others are primarily for smaller blending jobs, like smoothies. They have black or dark gray bases and tops that make them tasteful additions to any kitchen.

Are Ninja blender pitchers plastic or glass?

The primary containers as well as the single-serve cups of Ninja blenders are made of BPA-free plastic. The containers and lids may all be safely washed in your kitchen dishwasher.

How powerful are Ninja countertop blenders?

The wattage of the Ninja motors varies from 900 to 1500, depending on the model. They are all designed to have the power to pulverize fruits and vegetables, including skins, and crush ice. You can make things like soups, nut butters, ice cream, frozen cocktails, and baby food in these appliances.

What are the power levels on a Ninja countertop blender?

This varies by model. Some models have full manual control while others feature an Auto-IQ function. To use the automatic setting, you simply push the button that corresponds to what you are making, like “smoothie.” The blender then automatically pulses and pauses in the right pattern and for the right time to produce the ideal mix for a smoothie.

What other features are there to choose from?

The blenders may have from two to 12 Auto-IQ settings, depending on the model. Most also have a manual option in case you want to control the blending cycle yourself. You can choose a model with a wide manual range that gives you precise control of the blending process.

Ninja blenders have a number of handy features that vary by model.

  • Many models come with single-serving cups included. You may get one or two 24-ounce containers or two of different sizes. They have spout tops that make it easy to drink right from the cup.
  • The pitchers hold up to 72 ounces, depending on the model. They may have a top with a pour spout or a vented top.
  • There are several varieties of blades available, including stacked, “Next-Generation,” or “Pro Extractor.” The stacked blades are located along a vertical post in the middle of the container. They provide powerful crushing action that is particularly suited for ice and icy drinks. The Next-Generation blades are located at the bottom of the container. They provide cyclonic action to keep the food smoothly churning through the blades. This produces a well-mixed result. Pro-Extractor blades are designed to tear through things like fruit peels and leafy greens to make creamy-smooth beverages.
  • Some models come with a food processor attachment or a spiral-cutting attachment.

How do you use the locking lid?

Your model may have a locking lid for safety. In order for the blending to start, the top must be properly aligned with the handle. Look for markings, like small arrows, on the top and handle, and make sure they are lined up. To release the lid, push the release button on its top.