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How to Shop for Nine West Women's Jeans

Mainly known for fashionable purses and shoes, Nine West also has a line of stylish, high couture clothing for women. Branded as Nine West Jeans, the company offers quite a few selections when it comes to denim jeans, but also includes matching styles in blouses and tops as well.

What Are Some Nine West Jeans Styles?

With various style offerings, you can definitely dress to the nines with Nine West. Jeans styles are varied, and there are many choices to suit myriad tastes. Look for:

  • Boot cut jeans: These are pants with a wider leg at the bottom. Essentially, the leg is made wide enough to fit over boots but you can sport these jeans with any kind of shoes, especially for a shabby chic look.
  • Stretchy jeans: When you need a little bit of give in the waist and freedom when you walk, these jeans offer a spandex and cotton blend for a perfect fit every time.
  • Skinny ankle styles: Often times, skinny ankle styles go with skinny jeans, but that's not always so. Look for regular rise and regular fit with skinny ankle styles as well.
  • Appliques and embroidery: Never to be outdone, look for Nine West styles with embellishments such as floral embroidery and rhinestone applique.
  • Straight leg: Very often, these are your "regular fit" jeans, perfect for everyday wear.

Other features you may want to look for when it comes to Nine West Jeans include:

  • Belt loops: Most jeans do include belt loops, but some dressier pairs do not. If you consistently wear a belt, ensure that you find a pair with loops.
  • Zip fly: a pretty common staple with all types of women's jeans, Nine West offers both zip and button fly options.

Popular internal brands include:

  • Nine West Gramercy
  • Nine West Belaire
  • Nine West Arielle

How Do I Size Women's Jeans?

Size Nine West as you would any other brand, as they do offer regular sizing, including plus. Different sizes include:

  • Petite: a petite pair of jeans from Nine West means that they are shorter than their "Regular" counterpart. It is possible to be both petite and a plus size - remember that petite only refers to the length and not the waist.
  • Plus size: This size generally refers to the waistband. Nine West features several different plus size options, with choices from size 14 and up. Sometimes, a plus size will also be denoted with a W (such as 14W).
  • How to size S, M, and L: Generally, Nine West uses numerical sizes for jeans. However, if you come across a pair with only letters, remember that S typically means through size 6, M through size 8 and large through size 12. However, these numbers can change by brand. See the manufacturer site for details.

What Are Other Offerings for Nine West Jeans?

The company manufactures a few offerings besides jeans, allowing you to match perfect outfits and styles. Look for NW Jeans' other articles of clothing:

  • Blouses
  • Khakis
  • Tops (T-shirts and long sleeved)
  • Accessories, such as jewelry

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