Keep Your Camera Powered Up With a Nikon MB D12 Battery Pack

The Nikon MB D12 battery pack is designed to house the power source needed for charging a variety of SLR cameras. Find the ideal battery pack options for your needs within eBay's collection.

What cameras are compatible with Nikon MB-D12 battery packs?

There are several SLR camera models that are compatible with the Nikon MB-D12 battery pack. These camera models may include the following:

  • Nikon D800: A professional grade SLR multi media camera that has a 36.3Mp FX-format complete with a CMOS sensor. This camera also offers full HD 1080p video with stereo sound capabilities.
  • Nikon D800E: This high dynamic range SLR camera is built with high-speed multi-functional capabilities for the professional photographer. It offers a wide sensitivity range that covers ISO ranges of 100 to 6400.
  • Nikon D810: Designed to capture precision photographs at high levels of speed, this SLR camera offers Wi-Fi transmission capabilities as well as varying lighting options for all types of professional-grade picture taking.
  • Nikon D810A: The Nikon D810A SLR camera is designed specifically for astrophotography. The devices offer no optical low-pass filters and a 36.3MP capacity.
What power supplies work with the Nikon MB-D12 battery pack?

There are four different types of power supplies that work with the Nikon MB D12 battery pack. These power supply options may include the following.

  • Rechargeable Batteries: 2 x EN-EL 15 with MS-D11EN battery holder
  • AA Batteries: 8 x LR6 alkaline / HR6 Ni-MH/ FR6 lithium AA batteries in an MS-D12 holder
  • High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries: 1 x EN-EL 18 / EN-EL 18a with a BL-5 battery chamber cover.
  • AC Adapter and Power Connector: EH-5/a/b AC adapter and EP-5B power connector
When should used-condition Nikon MB-D12 battery packs be considered?

The Nikon MB D12 battery pack is built for professional model cameras. There are times when you should consider purchasing used battery packs to keep your camera powered up. The most common reason for considering used equipment is to stay within a budget you are working with. These options are also good when you wish to have multiple battery packs on hand for your photography session needs.

How much does the Nikon MB D12 battery pack weigh?

The Nikon MB D12 battery pack is designed to fit comfortably in your photography bag, so you have access to the power you need for all of your picture taking needs. The weight of the Nikon MB D12 battery pack is 9.9 ounces.

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