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Facts and Figures for Large-format Camera Lenses From Nikon

Nikon is a camera manufacturer with lenses that capture a spectrum of widths, depths, and circular diameters. The brand's large-format lenses are made at 4x5 inches and larger. Every device uses a special lens depending on the task, and large-format lenses work to offer a photographer larger than medium images.

What large diameter lenses are there for digital cameras?

The common widths of a large-format lens include 4x5, 6x6, 6x9, and 24x36. These measurements enable basic image formats that include prints at 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 ratios. The Nikon large format camera lenses can be recalibrated for a variety of special ratios based on model and intent. The digital single-lens reflex camera model uses adjustable accessories for this purpose.

What are some features and processes of adjustable lenses?

Here are some features and processes of adjustable lenses:

  • Maximum aperture ratio: the maximum aperture of a lens dictates what diameter shot you're able to take; 1:5.6 ratio is standard for large-format lens.
  • Focal length: This determines how wide the camera's view goes; wider lenses capture more width
  • Image circle: important for large formats because an image circle occurs when light hits the camera's digital sensor; the circle may or may not fit in the lens
What functions are there on the larger lenses?

This brand of cameras uses large-format engineering that's molded from classical view cameras. These types of photographing devices consist of a few key features that enable a wider diameter as a standard format. The lens is constructed with a rear element, shutter, front element, cocking lever, PC contact, aperture adjustment shutter release, preview, and adjustment ring. These pieces are used entirely for larger models while smaller lenses may be absent of one or two components.

What should you know about large format cameras lenses?

The company uses shutter to create two kinds of effects that alter brightness and enables clarity with moving images. Shutter settings enable delayed captures to compensate for darkness within the space a photo is being taken. The rapid speed of a shutter enables moving targets to be framed without blurring.

The front mount is also known as the lens mount. The mount is a female connection that allows the male connection, which is attached to the base on an actual lens, to fit through. Both the male and female connection are then twisted together for the right fit. The company uses an assortment of lens types that include prime lenses, zoom lenses, normal lenses, wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses, long-focus lenses, telephoto lenses, catadioptric lenses, and anamorphic lenses.

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