Take More Photos with a Nikon D7000 Bundle

A Nikon D7000 bundle can provide you with all that you need to take professional photos. eBay offers a number of bundles for you to choose from. The digital SLR allows you to change the lenses based on what you're photographing, too.

What features does a D7000 offer?

A D7000 is a digital SLR camera that offers 16.2 megapixels for digital resolution. You can shoot both photos and videos with the camera. Plus, you can swap lenses as long as they are designed to fit the Nikon body. There are a few other features to be aware of:

  • A 3-inch screen size
  • ISO span of 100-6400
  • Autofocus
  • 12 white balance presets
Are lenses included in the bundle?

You will need to review the details of the Nikon D7000 bundle to determine if lenses are included with the body. Some may offer a standard lens while others may offer a wide-angle or telephoto lens. There may be multiple lenses included, too, giving you more diversity when you take photos. Be sure to identify the features on the lenses and whether they have zoom capabilities or not.

  • Wide angle: Anything less than 35mm in a focal length is identified as wide angle.
  • Standard: A 50 to 60mm focal length is identified as standard.
  • Telephoto: Anything over 70mm is considered telephoto, but there are 300mm and even 400mm lenses available.
Is there a difference between new and used cameras?

On eBay, the condition can vary. You will want to look to see if there is any damage to the body or the lenses if the equipment is in a used condition. Such damage can include lens scratches and fogging. Both new and used bundles can provide you with all of the equipment that you need to take great photos.

What might be included in a bundle?

As you shop for an affordable Nikon D7000 bundle on eBay, it's important to look at what a seller may include. Some bundles are larger than others and might include quite a few things:

  • Camera bag - Carry your equipment in a bag designed to hold your camera carefully.
  • Multiple lenses - Find out what lenses are included.
  • Memory cards - Store your photos on a card.
  • Tripod - Add stability when you take photos of your subject.
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