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Capture Life's Moments with the Nikon D3100 Digital Camera

Preserve memories of a scuba trip on the blue ocean or another adventurous excursion through photos taken with the Nikon D3100. Enjoy looking over the many models of Nikon D3100 for sale on eBay where ordering takes little effort. The camera captures high-resolution images and represents a choice for both amateur and trained photography buffs.

What supports the picture quality on the Nikon D3100?

With the Nikon D3100, 14.2 million pixels come together to create a digital image snapped by the single lens on this digital reflex camera. The camera also comes with a unique dust-reduction feature to further improve picture clarity. When the millions of dust-free pixels combine with a picture control system, the captured images should look fine.

Does the Nikon D3100 digital camera capture video as well?

Yes, the Nikon D3100 digital camera not only snaps photos in JPEG format but also records high-definition video at 1080p. The format for the video is MPEG-4. With an HDMI output, users can watch the video on a TV or monitor with the appropriate input. Store both video and still images on SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards.

What special features highlight the Nikon D3100 digital camera specs?

The Nikon D3100 digital camera distinguishes itself as a camera packed with scores of features. The published listings on eBay highlight these features in the product descriptions. Reading the descriptions closely when shopping reveals feature traits such as:

  • Enhanced lens: The lightweight lens does not weigh down the camera. The weight doesn't suffer from the inclusion of a super-integrated coating designed to improve picture quality.
  • Picture variance: A CMOS sensor serves the purpose of enhancing wide-angle pictures. A 3x zoom further supports the ability to take photos with the desired framing. Capture close-ups as close as a mere .9 feet.
  • LCD screen: The clear three-inch display screen allows for framing, editing, and incorporating effects. The image quality on the LCD presents solid resolution, improving what the user sees on the screen.
  • USB port: Connect one end of a USB cable to this port and the other to a computer. Copy files and perform other actions through the connection.
  • Image stabilization: Holding a camera steady isn't always possible, which creates a risk for a shaky picture. A built-in feature designed to stabilize the picture addresses this issue and may lead to better results. See the manufacturer site for details.
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