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A Brief Overview of Nikon's 20-35mm Focal Lenses

Nikon manufactures a variety of top quality wide-angle lenses for its full-frame DSLR cameras. Its Nikkor 20-35mm focal length lenses allow you to shoot star landscapes and astrophotography. Capture the night sky, large constellations, or the Milky Way with the Nikon 20-35mm lens, available for various prices on eBay.

What are Nikkor lenses?

Nikkor is the proprietary brand name for all of Nikon's lenses. Nikon's 20-35mm lens was Nikon's first-generation professional ultra-wide zoom lens. Nikon's older DSLR lenses come with a switch that must be turned to manually turn the focusing ring and assume manual focus. The lens has a marking of 20 and 35 on the lens indicating the focal length indices for infrared.

What are the specifications of the 20-35mm lens?

The Nikkor 20-35mm lens comes with a CL-46 hard case and an optional HB-8 flocked plastic hood. Other features include the following (see the manufacturer site for details):

  • Size: The 20-35mm lens measures 3.7 inches long by 3.2 inches wide (94 by 82mm).
  • Weight: It weighs 22.6 oz (640g).
  • Filter thread: The lens has a thread of 77mm.
  • Diaphragm: Its diaphragm consists of nine conventional (straight) blades and stops down to f/22.
  • Close focus: The lens can focus starting at a distance of 2.7 feet (0.5m).
Which filters work best with the Nikon 20-35mm lens?

The Nikon 20-35mm lens works with a conventional rotating polarizer or a rotating screw-in graduated ND (neutral density) filter. Filters used alone work without any issues. If you decide to use two filters together, they can only be used with a 24-35mm focal length. If you use two filters at 20mm, the image will be vignetted at each aperture. The focal length works on film and digital cameras.

What are some ways to use ultra wide-angle lenses?
  • Long exposure: An ultra wide-angle lens can be used to help accentuate the background. When used with a polarizer filter, the lens can stay open longer to create a soft background.
  • Depth of field: A wide lens enhances the distance between the subject and background. The focused section will remain sharp from the foreground all the way into the designated distance.
  • Distorted effects: The ultra wide-angle lens allows you to create fun warped images when subjects are shot at close-up range.
  • Architecture: The lines converge when the camera is turned vertically, creating interesting architecture.
  • Star trails: Long exposures at night capture the bright stars in circular motion.
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