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Nike SB Men's Shoes Large

About Nike SB Shoes

Nike is known for outfitting basketball greats and other more traditional athletes, but with its SB line, the swoosh aimed to cater to more extreme athletes: skateboarders. The streetwear-inflected line has become a favorite among hypebeasts who choose these kicks for their exaggerated proportions, bold, in-your-face colors and straightforward design. Padded tongues, tough soles and contoured heels keep feet in place during kickflips and daily commutes alike. Collectors always keep an eye out for limited-edition releases, which have incorporated denim, exotic-leather effects and even metallics. Naturally, collabs with streetwear lines such as Stussy, Supreme and Diamond Supply Co. are instant sell-outs.
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Nike SB Athletic Shoes for Men

Nike has many lines of athletic shoes. The Nike SB is a line of skate shoes and sneakers with the standard Nike fit and a unique theme. Nike SB shoes include Nike shoe support and interesting exterior textures such as suede.

What colors are available for Nike SB athletic shoes?

Nike SB athletic shoes for men come in a range of colors that vary according to the specific shoe and model. Nike SB Blazers come in a suite of colors; for example, you can get the high-top versions of the Nike SB Blazers in black, white, red, or a mixture of colors. The mid-top and low-top versions of these skate shoes are commonly found in black, but they can come in styles with gold trim and a bold Nike logo. Other SB variants span the color and texture palette with skateboarding shoes such as the Dunk in off-white and navy blue and the Portmore in gray.

What type of support do Nike SB athletic shoes have?

Nike SB shoes are skateboarding shoes, and so they provide plenty of foot support for skaters. There are three major areas of foot support that these shoes focus on.

  • Ankle support: An essential part of skateboarding is maintaining proper ankle posture. Skate shoes, particularly the mid-top Blazer and the high-top Blazer, have strong, reinforced sections around the ankle and heel.
  • Arch support: Most of the SBs have subtle arch support. Skate shoes are flat for maximum grip on the board, but the soles of most of these skate shoes have a small bump in the center to help your arch stay supported.
  • Padding: Landing from rails and jumps can be a shock to your legs. The Nike skate shoes' soles have plenty of rubber padding in the soles.
What are some models of Nike SB athletic shoes?

There is a huge variety of skate shoes in the Nike SB line. From the Blazer and Stefan Janoski line to the Air Max, each model has features that make them more suitable for different activities and clothing pairings.

  • Nike SB Blazer: The Nike SB Blazer is a black, white, or red sneaker that works with most outfits.
  • Nike SB Stefan Janoski: The Stefan Janoski line of shoes is based on the designs of professional skateboarder Stefan Janoski. They pair with most clothing choices. The suede exterior of some Stefan Janoski shoes also provides comfort.
  • Nike SB Air Max: A departure from the rest of the line, the white SB Air Max is more of an athletic sneaker than a skate shoe. The Air Max's heel has plenty of padding and support for running and enhanced arch support for everyday wear. They pair well with casual and athletic clothing.
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