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Stand Out with Nike Kobe 9 Athletic Shoes for Men

Nike Kobe 9 Athletic Sneakers for Men

What is the history behind Nike

Kobe 9 athletic shoes for men?

The Nike Kobe 9 Elite was first released in early February 2014. Since then, there have been over 50 releases of different colorways for Kobe Bryant's ninth signature shoes. These limited-edition Kobe shoes were designed to be aesthetically unique and powered by several performance features. These high-top Kobe shoes were designed to help you stand out in the crowd and on the court.

The initial release in 2014 unveiled the Nike Kobe Elite high-high-high top sneakers highlighting his 2013 injury. The low-top version of these, the Kobe 9 EM, was released a month later in a Bruce Lee black and yellow edition. The premium version of this sneaker, the Kobe 9 Elite Low, was introduced a month later in April 2014. Since then, these three Kobe 9 sneakers have been released in dozens of unique and commemorative colorways.

Nike Kobe 9 Athletic Sneakers

How are the Nike Kobe 9 shoes supposed to help?

Flyknit and Flywire are two proprietary technologies used in the upper to help reduce internal slippage. The extended knit collar provides the high-high-high top silhouette and its support capacities. The midsole is constructed of Lunarlon, an ultra-lightweight cushion designed to help improve responsiveness. The material is designed to be lightweight, so it doesn't interfere with players' ability to make quick movements.

The durable rubber outsole on the sneakers was designed to be thinner than usual to help make the sneakers more flexible. The flexible outsole is designed to help improve players' ability to make quick cuts and sprints. The traction pattern on the Kobe 9 looks like a fingerprint, mapping out critical pressure points of the foot and providing multidirectional tread.

Grey Nike Kobe 9 Athletic Sneakers for Men

Nike Kobe 9 vs. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low vs. Nike Kobe 10

Nike Kobe 9 Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Nike Kobe 10
Weight 14.2 oz. 13.7 oz. 13.4 oz.
Closures Laced Laced Laced
Available Colors 54 3 42

What are some key features of the Nike Kobe 9 sneakers?

The Nike Kobe 9 integrates style and utility. Nike's Kobe 9 became the first basketball shoes to ever use Flyknit, bringing new levels of breathability, support, and stretch to the upper. The upper of the Kobe 9 EM low-tops are made of engineered mesh. Other notable features of Kobe 9 sneakers include the Lunarlon cushioning, the Flywire, a pressure-mapped outsole, and a carbon fiber heel.

Abandoning style for performance clearly was not an option with this sneaker. The color threads are actually integrated into the structure of the Flyknit. These create an aesthetically pleasing design that is complemented by speckles of color used at the midsole. Kobe's signature and logo are emblazoned prominently on the tongue. A design of the nine stitches following his Achilles is prominently placed on the back of the extended ankle of the Kobe 9 Elite shoe.

Green Nike Kobe 9 Athletic Sneakers

How do the Nike Kobe 9 shoes fit on your feet?

The Nike Kobe 9 is tailored to provide you with a lockdown feel. The Flyknit is designed to help these shoes conform to the shape of your foot and provide an even snugger fit. The traditional lacing on the shoes is complemented by the Flywire designed to make the sneaker grasp the ankle better as the strings of the shoe are tightened. The Flyknit material was also used because it provides next-to-skin comfort. The tongue of the sneaker is constructed of sandwich mesh to promote comfort. The plush foam was used around the ankle and heel for comfort. These ultra-high athletic shoes should fit true to size for most people. See the manufacturer's site for details.

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