Go for the Goal with Nike Hypervenom Phantom Soccer Shoes

Nike developed the Hypervenom Phantom 1 soccer cleats to be lightweight and flexible during play in professional matches. After the launch of the Hypervenom Phantom 1 in 2013, Nike had continued to improve the product line and released later versions of these soccer cleats. Fortunately, you can still find Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 on eBay, so you can be able to jump and kick without feeling weighed down.

Different Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 colors to fit your style

There are many colors from which to choose in the Hypervenom Phantom 1 line of soccer cleats. This includes the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 orange model, as well as black, purple, neon yellow, white, blue, pink, silver, and gold color designs. With many solid and mixes of colors used in the Hypervenom 1 series, it should be easy for you to find a pair on eBay that will match your team's uniform.

What key features of Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 cleats should you look for?

Nike designed Hypervenom Phantom 1 soccer cleats to have the feeling of an agile running shoe with a small amount of protection on the front. The flexible fabric of the Hypervenom Phantom 1 moves with your feet as you pivot and change direction on the field. The design of the Phantom 1 shoeis ideal for players that need extra agility and be able to turn and kick quickly. Here are some additional benefits of using the Nike Hypervenom 1 series of Phantom soccer cleats:

  • Lightweight material
  • NikeSkin exterior provides tough but flexible honeycomb mesh top
  • Higher lacing system
  • Spacious fit for wider feet
  • Average weight of under 8 ounces
Factors to consider before buying Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 cleats

Before you buy a pair of classic Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 soccer shoes, make sure to consider the following buying tips:

  • Make sure that you are buying the right version of Hypervenom Phantom 1 soccer cleats as opposed to other versions of the Hypervenom series.
  • If you are buying preowned Hypervenom phantom 1 cleats, review the listings for any signs of wear, tears, frayed laces, missing spikes, and separations in the soleplate.
  • Confirm that the Hypervenom Phantom 1 soccer shoes you are looking to buy are authentic Nike products with official logos and tags.
  • To find the right size of Hypervenom Phantom 1 men's soccer cleats for you, see the manufacturer site for details.
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