Nike Free Run Sneakers for Men

Run Naturally With Nike Free Run Sneakers for Men

Many runners enjoy a natural, almost barefoot feeling when they run. Simple and lightweight designs are important to runners, as the weight of the shoe and the cushion level has a large impact on their run. It can alter their speed and accuracy when they train, as well as during a race. Nike Free Run sneakers for men keep these needs in mind. They have less cushioning than other shoes made by Nike. However, they provide a natural running experience that many athletes prefer.

What features does Nike include in the Free Run series?

Free Run shoes are designed to feel natural while you run. Therefore, Nike included certain tech and features in this line of shoes to provide a running experience like no other. Aspects used in this line of shoes to accomplish this include:

  • Low foam density: By using less foam in Free Run shoes, runners have more control of each stride. Plus, it keeps the shoe lightweight.
  • Heel to toe grooves: The grooves on the shoe's outer sole improves overall traction and helps reduce excess motion while running.
  • Stretch and mesh upper: The top of the shoe is designed with stretch mesh. It keeps the shoe breathable and allows flexibility.
Are Free Run shoes as durable as other Nike lines?

Most wearers have found that the Free Run shoes are less durable than other shoe lines released by Nike. The lightweight design and lack of excess cushioning contribute to the reduced life of the shoe. However, the shoes are still high-quality and made with the needs of runners in mind. When used as they were intended by Nike guidelines, many runners found their shoes lasted for years.

Do Free Run shoes fit true to size?

In most cases, shoes in the Free Run line fit relatively true to size. However, this does vary based on the exact series of shoes you purchase. Many people found that the shoes ran a bit narrow, due to their form-fitting design. Others said that the laced version of the shoes often ran a bit small, as well. See the manufacturer's website for exact size guidelines.

Nike Free RN 2018 Nike Free RN 5.0 2020 Nike Free RN 5.0 Nike Flex Experience Run 9
Available Sizing Men's 6 to 15 Men's 6 to 15 Men's 6 to 15 Men's 6 to 15
Available Colors 1 3 1 9
Fit Somewhat small True to size True to size Somewhat small
Lace Type Tie Cord Cord Tie
Run Type Short Short to average Average to long Average
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