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Nike Air Max Men's Running, Cross Training Shoes

Nike Air Max running and cross training shoes are made with Max Air technology, which is designed to help protect your feet from impact during repetitive landings that you experience while running or playing sports. The cushioning in these running shoes for men is also designed to support your joints while participating in sports. A variety of size and style options for men is available.

What are the material options?

  • Canvas materials are a common sneaker material option in these Nike Air Max running shoes for men, whatever their size. Shoes that are made from this material are designed to handle intense wear and tear and typical environmental elements.
  • Leather is another type of material that's used to make these Nike Air Max running shoes for men. The Nike brand uses glossy leather to construct the outer structure of a shoe. Because different types of running shoes use various leather color options, you'll have opportunities to sport sneakers that have a neutral or vibrant design scheme.
  • Nylon is used to design various elements on a shoe, particularly the laces. This particular material features a fiber construction designed for strength.
  • A thick rubber slab is placed along the side of a shoe and underneath the foundation. This slab is usually designed with air pockets that provide comfort throughout intense running and jogging routines when playing sports or cross training.
  • Nike Air shoes for men that are worn during tactic running situations or sports are typically designed with suede to help reduce wind effects that could impact speed and stability during cross training or play.

What are the pattern and design options?

  • Nike Air running shoes with animal print designs feature stylish and dramatic elements that are similar to the patterns that are found on various animals that roam in the wild.
  • Military-themed shoes are options for consumers who want to run on a course in a tactical outfit. Many of the military patterns have colors that match the tones on a typical tactical uniform, so you'll find jungle, desert, and forest shades on many of the Nike sneakers available for men.
  • Geometric, solid, and striped shoe patterns are featured on products that are designed for typical training routines. The geometric patterns highlight multiple colors and effects, and the solid designs only have one color that blends well with other designer elements. Shoes with these patterns feature striped patterns that run strategically on the main shoe fabric near the laces.

What are Flyknit shoes?

Nike Air Max running shoes for men with Flyknit are designed with durable and lightweight fibers, and are engineered for specific sports, such as basketball and running.

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