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Nike Air Jordan 1 Athletic Shoes for Men

The Nike Air Jordan athletic shoes had an initial release date of 1985 to 1986, with retro versions having a release in 1994, 2001, and 2007. The basketball shoes are available in black, blue, red, and silver, and paired with white soles. A version, featuring the Air Jordan “banned” red and black Air Ship style, had a limited release in 1985.

What regular and retro models are available for the Air Jordan line?

  • Basketball shoes: These special shoes are designed to be flexible enough for your feet to quickly pivot while remaining stable and absorbing shock.
  • Skateboarding shoes: Designed to have virtually no tread patterns and multiple layers of stitches, the Air Jordan skate shoes are meant to withstand the constant contact with grip tape.
  • Retro athletic sneakers: This style of the Nike Jordan shoes feature extra cushioning in the middle of the sole as well as high levels of stabilization.

What causes the black retro Air Jordan basketball sneakers to turn yellow?

  • Oxidation: Oxygen meeting the soles of your shoes will cause them to yellow. This process can be slowed greatly by storing the shoes away from air.
  • Grass: The yellowing process can be expedited by walking through grass, whether wet or dry. Over time, the stains build up, trapping the color into the soles of your Air Jordan basketball shoes.
  • Liquid: Liquid virtually instantly causes oxygen and stains to be trapped to the bottom of your Nike sneakers, causing the oxidation process to be expedited. In addition to staining your shoes, this degrades the material, reducing your performance.

How do you prevent Air Jordan soles from yellowing?

  • Clean your retro basketball sneakers as necessary: Find a cleaning product without bleach, such as a surface cleaner. Scrub the sole gently with the toothbrush and wipe clean. Allow them to completely dry.
  • Store the retro Air Jordan shoes properly: When not in use, you can slow the yellowing process by keeping the sneakers in a box with silica gel packets. You can also place them in extra large freezer bags.
  • Keep them in a dry, cool location: By keeping your Jordan sneakers free of moisture, you can slow down the oxidation process.

What size is the Air Jordan line available in?

This original and retro line from Nike is available in a variety of US and European sizes. US men sizes for Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes are available from sizes 6 to 18. European men sizes are available from sizes 35 to 52.

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