Explore New York Cemetery Plots

Whether you are burying a loved one or looking for a final resting place for yourself, eBay has plenty of great NY cemetery plots to pick from. Choose a quiet rural cemetery to get a plot surrounded by natural beauty or select a memorial site in a busy city to have a plot close to friends or family members.

Explore the different New York cemetery plot designs

When you start looking for cemetery plots in New York, you get to choose between many useful plot types. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Single plots: This is a plot that will fit a single person in a casket.
  • Double depth plots: These plots allow two caskets to be buried on on top of the other, so family members can be buried with each other.
  • Side-by-side plots: These are a double plot that put the two caskets next to each other.
  • Cremated remains plots: These are small plots of land that will fit an urn with cremated remains.
  • Family plots: Family plots are a larger area of land that can fit two or more members of a family in the same area.
How do you choose a cemetery plot in NY?

There are many people selling cemetery plots in New York, so narrow down your selection with these factors.

  • Cemetery type: Decide whether you want a plot in a mausoleum, where cremated remains or caskets are placed in small niches, or an underground plot in an outdoor cemetery.
  • Cemetery location: Choose between people selling New York cemetery plots in urban or rural environments. If you have a certain cemetery in mind, you may want to search specifically for plots in that area.
  • Plot location: You may want to consider selecting a plot in a certain location, such as in the sun, in the shade, near trees or landscaping, or facing a specific direction.
  • Number of plots: You will need to think carefully about how many people you want buried in your selected plot.
Does a cemetery plot purchase include burial?

This depends entirely on where you purchase your cemetery plot. Some cemeteries offer free burial with purchase of a plot, while other cemeteries charge you for the NY cemetery plot and the burial service itself. Before buying the plot, carefully read the terms and conditions associated with the plot to see if you will also need to purchase the burial service later on.