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New Nintendo 3DS XL Video Game Consoles

The New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld system is a revised version of the popular Nintendo 3DS hardware. Released in February 2015 in the United States, the New 3DS XL was redesigned to offer a new overall gaming experience. This is the next generation of Nintendo handheld games.

What modifications does the New Nintendo 3DS XL model offer?

The New 3DS XL is a complete hardware upgrade, not merely a revised model. The device features the following upgrades:

  • A modified controller by adding a second analog stick and two shoulder buttons, bringing it closer to parity with modern game hardware.
  • An upgraded processor and increased amount of available RAM to 256GB, offering a more stable performance for the entire Nintendo 3DS library. Some games are optimized specifically for the hardware.
  • A face detection system creates a more optimized experience for the stereoscopic 3-D display.
  • The system's game card slot, stylus holder, and power button are now located on the base of the console.
  • The built-in NFC connectivity supports the use of Amiibo figurines.
  • A 4GB microSD card is included with the hardware.
  • The screen diameter has been expanded to 4.18 inches on the lower screen and 4.88 inches on the upper screen.
Are there other things the New Nintendo 3DS XL does?

The New 3DS has a camera built into the console that can take 2-D and 3-D photos and videos. It includes access to SpotPass, StreetPass, Nintendo Network, and augmented reality features.

Will this new system play old Nintendo 3DS games?

Yes, the New Nintendo 3DS model is compatible in almost every way with previous 3DS games, saved files, software, downloadable content, and even certain accessories such as the AC adapter. The device is backward compatible with all Nintendo DS games, from classics like "Mario" and "The Legend of Zelda" to the various "Pokemon" games.

What colors are available for this model?
  • Standard model: The standard handheld has been released in metallic black, metallic red, metallic blue, pearl white, lime and black, pink and white, orange and black, and new galaxy style.
  • Special edition: This handheld has numerous special versions, including "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate," "Fire Emblem Fates," "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer," and "Metroid: Samus Returns." These special editions are bundled with the game and contain a unique faceplate and color based on a specific theme from that game. Many of these colors and special editions were released only in certain territories, so you may need to purchase an imported edition if you are interested in a particular model.
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