New Holland

New Holland is a global manufacturer of machinery for various industries, including agriculture, mining, and construction. By investing in research, the company, which is based in New Holland PA, creates equipment to meet the specific requirements of an industry. Apart from machinery, the manufacturer provides parts for different equipment such as combine harvesters, excavators, and backhoe loaders, among others.

How does New Holland meet Tier 4 emission regulations?

Fuel emission is one aspect to factor in when buying heavy machinery. Tier 4 regulations are part of the emission standards established by the EPA and EU for non-road diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other hazardous substances.

New Holland adheres to these standards by fitting its product range with two technologies. CEGR or Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation involves the use of an exhaust filter to minimize the amount of particulate matter. This system is used on machines with outputs of less than 100 hp because they have low cooling demands.

The other option is SCR or the Selective Catalytic Reduction, which require the addition of diesel exhaust fluid as a faster treatment regimen to decrease the level of toxins that the engine gives out. The SCR system is suitable for equipment with over 100 hp in output, which means the high-powered engines such as combine harvesters, forage, and tractors.

What are the considerations when buying New Holland attachments?

Some machines need add-ons to make them whole, and you should know how to pick the right ones. Attachments maximize the functionality of construction or agricultural equipment. New Holland carries a variety of attachments such as buckets for skid steers, compact excavators, and backhoe loaders. What makes one attachment model more suitable for your New Holland machinery than another?

  • The capabilities of the attachment and compatibility to a particular machine are critical. You must consider the capacity and hydraulic flow that the part offers. Fitting the wrong bucket model on a backhoe loader, for example, can damage it. For new machines, check the operator’s manual for specifications of the attachments before buying.
  • Look for quick attach systems when buying add-ons for your New Holland a tractor, bulldozer, or combine harvester. A coupler enables a quick fit of the attachment, and it also allows you to switch from one to another. When you have mining equipment that requires multiple specialty attachments for different tasks, the type of quick attach system installed will determine how well the machine operates.
  • Operators should be well-trained on how to attach and detach attachments. An operator should know the maximum efficiency and parameters of each attachment.
Which oils do New Holland agricultural engines need?

Proper oil use is part of keeping your New Holland engine functioning. An agricultural engine will require different oils for the engine and the back/end transmission. The 15W/40 is used for engines and 10W/30 for back/end transmission systems. However, some New Holland engines have more complex constructions and, therefore, may demand different types of oils. Check the model of your engine against the recommendations from New Holland for oil types.

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