What You Need to Know About Bose QC3 Headphones

When you are a music lover, you want to find a pair of headphones that are comfortable to wear and offer superior sound quality. eBay has a lot of headphones available for purchase. Bose QC3 headphones are a feature-packed option for any music lover.

What are the specs of the Bose QuietComfort3 headphones?

The Bose QuietComfort3 headphones include a microphone and three-button remote control that allow you to easily integrate with your iPhone. You can control music functions as well as take phone calls with this feature. You can easily recharge the headphones with the included wall charger. The earcups are unique in that they fold flat so you can easily and quickly store them inside their case and slip them into your bag or carry them in your pocket or on your person unobtrusively. They are noise-canceling, so you can enjoy what you are listening to without distractions. Other benefits include:

  • An extended battery life so you can go longer between charges
  • Comfortable wear that feels soft and padded on your ears so you can listen to music or watch movies for hours without sacrificing comfort
  • Rich audio and superior sound quality, including deep bass sounds
  • Plug adapters for any country so you don't have to worry about changing them out or buying additional accessories when you travel
How do QC3 headphones cancel noise?

Normally only headphones that completely surround the ear are effective at canceling noise. The QC3 is unique because it is an over-the-ear headphone, which is more comfortable yet still blocks out ambient noise. This is because the earpieces are made from memory foam, which is then covered with a leather-like material. This causes the headphones to conform to your ears and create a fairly tight seal, effectively keeping out unwanted noises.

What extras can you get with these headphones?

Bose QC3 headphones are made to work with iPhones. If you are an Android user, you can purchase a kit so the microphone and remote control will work with your Android device. You may want to purchase a second battery if you travel a lot or wish to use the headphones while charging the secondary battery. This will ensure that you have seamless use of your headphones. Also, a mobile communications kit is available that allows you to easily and smoothly switch between listening to music and taking a phone call.

Can you purchase replacement parts as needed?

You can find replacement parts for Bose QC3 headphones on eBay. These include extra batteries, replacement ear pads, audio cables, chargers, headband hinges, and various other parts. There are also replacement remotes available if you lose yours or it gets damaged.

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