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Nerf Bars and Running Boards for Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan is an automotive company based in Japan. The Pathfinder is an SUV made by this brand. Find nerf bars and running boards that are compatible with your Pathfinder within this collection.

What is a nerf bar?

A nerf bar is a type of equipment that was originally only used in race cars. This type of equipment attaches to the side of a car, and it was initially designed to be used when intentionally ramming into another race car. In consumer vehicle applications, however, a nerf bar is a type of metal bar that extends away from the body of the car. It is used as a stepping stool when entering into tall vehicles such as the Pathfinder.

What is a running board?

A running board is used for the same purposes as a nerf bar, but the design is slightly different. While a nerf bar only makes contact with the vehicle at either extremity of the bar, a running board connects to the vehicle along its entire length. This results in a stepping device that does not have a gap between the car and the device at any point.

What types of nerf bars and running boards are offered?

A wide variety of different types of nerf boards and running boards are produced. Here are a few of the options:

  • Black running boards: These running boards feature a solid, dark-colored texture on a solid black board. They are equipped with traditional texturing, which consists of a series of four parallel strips running lengthwise down the board.
  • Chrome running boards: Chrome running boards consist of black texturing on a chrome background. They are also equipped with traditional texturing, and a line of chrome is visible between the dark-colored strips.
  • Step assist running boards: These types of running boards are equipped with a special type of texturing. This texturing is designed to provide a better grip than normal running board texturing. This texturing is usually patterned in a diamond formation.
  • Black nerf boards: These nerf boards feature raised, dark-colored sections that are attached to a rounded, dark-colored bar that ranges from the front to the back of the cab of the car.
  • Chrome nerf boards: These nerf boards include textured, dark-colored sections that are attached to a chrome rail. There are textured black sections below the front and rear doors on the passenger and driver side of the car.
  • Volcano running boards: These running boards feature a distinctive pattern that is applied to a solid, dark-colored background. This pattern features neon orange bumps that provide traction when stepping into the car. This type of running bar is so named due to the resemblance of these bumps to erupting volcanoes.
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