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Why Add Nerf Bars and Running Boards to Your Vehicle

Many of us don't even think about the names of every single piece of our cars, and so you can be excused if you have no idea what nerf bars or running boards are. Both of these go in almost all vehicles, and it may have come time that you need to replace these parts in your Honda Element. 

Why Do We Need Running Boards?

Running boards are narrow steps that fit under the side doors of your Element and you can find them in other vehicles too. There are two main functions of running boards that make them an important accessory to have:

  • Step function: These boards can act as a step to help you get in and out of the car and is particularly useful in taller cars such as an SUV and trucks. Since your Element is higher off the ground than a regular car, this step can be of great assistance to elderly passengers or to save jumping down onto the hard ground when you are now wearing supportive shoes.
  • Protection and cleanliness: When your car is moving, all sorts of debris and dirt like nails, rocks and twigs can be kicked up by the spinning wheels. The running boards are in place so that this debris cannot reach the paint of your car and cause scratches or dents. Passengers can also use the running boards as a kind of doormat, to clean off dirty shoes before entering the vehicle which in turn will help to keep the interior tidy. 

Why Do We Need Nerf Bars? 

A nerf bar is also known as a tube step and is basically a metal tube that comes in the shape of an extended U. There are two reasons why you may want to have nerf bars if you don't have them already.

  • Functionality: While nerf bars used to be for race cars when nudging other cars along the track, on SUVs they are used primarily as steps. When your truck is up high it can be difficult to get in and out, but a nerf bar that acts as a side step will assist with entering and exiting. 
  • Style: Some Element owners along with other SUV owners, like the style that a nerf bar gives to their vehicle. You can find silver, black or chrome which can complement your vehicle's paint work nicely. You can get a non-slip rubber grip on the top which comes in handy when it's wet and you or your passengers have little traction on the bottom of their shoes. 

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