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Ford Ranger Nerf Bars and Running Boards

The Ford Ranger is a rear-wheel drive pickup truck designed for city and highway driving. Adding nerf bars or running boards to this vehicle provides an extra step to make it easier to get in and out of the cab. Ford Ranger nerf bars and running boards also protect the frame of the Ranger from damage caused by objects and debris on the road.

What are nerf bars and running boards?

Nerf bars are long tubes that are shaped into curved rails and act almost like bumpers on the sides of a vehicle. Running boards are flat metal steps covered with a rough texture to provide a non-slip surface for drivers and passengers getting in and out of the vehicle. Both products serve the same purpose in most trucks that don’t go off-road.

What are nerf bars used for?

The term "nerf" comes from the sport of car racing and refers to minor collisions between cars as they pass each other on the track. Nerf bars were originally designed to protect race cars from the damage caused by these small collisions. They were later adapted to protect the chassis of trucks from the damage caused by rocks and other foreign objects when driving off-road. For trucks that drive on city streets and highways, nerf bars are mainly used as an extra step to help drivers and passengers enter and exit the vehicle.

How do you install these products?

Running boards and nerf bars come with the hardware that connects them to the chassis of your Ford Ranger. To perform this installation, you’ll need a power drill with an angle attachment.

  • Use a drill to remove the bolts holding the body mounts of your Ford Ranger to its chassis under the door.
  • Use these bolts to fasten the mounting frame to the Ranger’s chassis.
  • Thread the bolts included with your running board through the brackets and into the front and back sides of the nerf bar or running board.
  • Use the angle attachment of your power drill to tighten these bolts to the mounting brackets.
What materials are these parts made of?

Nerf bars and running boards can be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, or a similar metal. They typically have a non-slip surface made of rubber or a rough-textured substance, such as aluminum oxide or garnet. Some products are coated with enamel to give them a dark color that complements the exterior of darker Rangers.