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Ford Escape Interior Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners

Cargo nets and other accessories are a way to keep the back of your Ford Escape organized. They can also make it easier to transport an array of cargo items in your SUV. Understanding the options available will make it easier to choose an effective design to suit your needs as a driver.

What are the different organizational options?

You will find that there are many options available to help you organize the cargo space in the back of your Ford Escape. They include:

  • Net: A net will keep everything in the cargo space in place when the lift is opened.
  • Liner: This sits on the floor of the cargo space to minimize movement of your items.
  • Tray: There might be multiple holders and accessories to keep supplies organized.
  • Combo: Various options will include several different components.
What sorts of items can be organized?

You may use the cargo space of your Escape for an array of different items, especially when you fold the passenger rear seats down. As such, the nets and other options will allow you to arrange your cargo in an effective way in your Ford.

  • Emergency supplies such as an air compressor and jumper cables
  • Groceries
  • Shopping bags
  • Luggage
How does a net connect in a Ford Escape?

You can install a net to your Escape very easily. However, it's important to look at the model year and trim level to choose the right design as there may be special grooves molded into the plastic. There also might be hooks for the nets to attach to.

What are some of the different features?

As you explore options to keep your trunk more orderly, you will find that many products have desirable features.

  • Retractable cover: A cover will go over the cargo area so people cannot see the contents through the back window.
  • Pouch: The net can open to create a pouch.
  • Custom fit: Many trays have a custom-fit designed to fit the model year and trim level of your Escape.
  • Durable: Many options are rubber and can be removed, hosed down, and put back inside.
How can you choose a cargo net or liner?

It's important to consider what you want for your Ford Escape.

  • Model year and trim level: These details ensure you get a good fit.
  • Style of storage: Choose between the various storage options.
  • OEM vs. aftermarket: Determine if you want Ford-branded parts or another brand on the market.