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Chevrolet Traverse Nerf Bars and Running Boards

If you want to update your Traverse's look, you can trade in your old running boards or opt for nerf bars instead. For those that don't have running boards already, a nerf bar is a great option to reduce the strain of getting in and out of your vehicle. As a bonus, the addition of these accessories adds style and class to your Chevrolet Traverse.

What's different between Chevy Traverse Nerf bars and running boards?

It's possible to mount Nerf bars or running boards on your Chevrolet Traverse. Both of these accessories act as steps meant to decrease the strain or struggle associated with climbing in or out of your vehicle. Nerf bars are round, while running boards are flat.

On Nerf bars, a step is placed just under each door. The step is either built into the round bar or installed directly on top of it. Running boards are made completely of treaded material similar to what a Nerf bar step is created of. Nerf bars are always made of metal. Running boards can be created with metal or plastic.

How are Nerf bars mounted on a Chevrolet Traverse?

Nerf bars are easy to use on a Chevrolet Traverse. Some year specific models have pre-drilled holes in the frame for easy installation. If your Traverse already has running boards, you can remove the running boards and use Nerf bars in their place. If you are replacing flat boards with oval boards, you need to make sure you use the hardware that came with the replacement to ensure it is installed correctly.

If your vehicle does not have running boards, or your new Nerf bars don't line up with existing holes in the frame, you will have to drill holes in the frame to accommodate the steps. Once holes are created or identified, line up the mounting installation hardware and attach the bars in place by tightening all hardware.

Should you use running boards or round bars as steps?

Choosing what Nerf steps to add to your truck or SUV is a personal decision. Both running boards and side steps can make it easier to enter and exit your Traverse. Both types of steps can be made of the same materials and the same powder coats. The biggest difference between the two items is their shape. The round, low-profile shape of a side step is preferred by those that want a performance look to their Traverse.