Buying Nepali Currency on eBay

Old Nepali rupees lend a sense of history that you as a collector savor, and when the time comes to investigate the price of old Nepali money, you'll discover that a typical eBay Nepali note dates from 1932. Nepali old paper money forms a fascinating story with enthralling engraved pictures, which feature the majestic Himalayas, Mount Everest, and its spectacular wildlife. If you wish to find eBay Nepal currency or sell old Nepali currency, then there are a few things you ought to know.

Basic Nepali old money price standards

To establish condition transparency in buying and selling currency, eBay Nepal old money notes are graded according to common wear and tear:

  • Crisp Uncirculated: This means that the money is as it was printed and has no creases, folds, or tears. The pristine sheen shows no fingerprints.
  • About Uncirculated: This means that the note holds its original sheen and has a crease or fold accompanied by finger smudges or signs of handling. The corners remain unbent.
  • Extra Fine: This means that the money retains crispness and that the corners aren't as sharp as Uncirculated. More smudges and creases are apparent due to increased handling.
  • Fine: This means that creasing, staining, and fading are now apparent, although the tears may be negligible. There may be ink stains or pinholes.
  • Very Good: This means that the bills show no sign of missing parts, but the increase in tears, stains, and smudges are greater than in Fine condition.
  • Good: This condition means that the bills may miss some small bits, but in general is the same as Very Good.
Are there other methods of grading inexpensive eBay Nepal money?

Another way of grading uses the common term Gem to signal the utmost desirability of currency, which corresponds to Crisp Uncirculated in the most common grading designation listed above. The other grades in this system in descending order are Fine, Good, and Fair. Notes that have been washed to increase the clarity of the engraving fall into the Fair category.

Are there some notes whose rarity transcends condition?

Due to the assassination of Nepal's King Birendra in 2001, any autographed piece of money that shows his depiction would be classified as extremely desirable regardless of condition. Another premium could be upon a bill that shows King Birendra in his traditional Nepalese crown adorned with feathers of the bird of paradise since the monarchy was abolished in favor of a republic in 2008.

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