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Neon Open Sign

Turning street traffic into paying customers can be challenging. A bright neon open sign is an eye-catching way to remind people that you are open and ready for business. Whether you choose to display a marquee, LED sign, or custom-designed animated sign that features your logo depends on personal style and what you want the neon open sign to say about you.

Where should a neon open sign be placed?

To attract maximum attention, consider these neon sign suggestions:

  • If your restaurant or retail store is located on a corner, place matching vertical neon lighting high on the building, with one each on the two sides facing the street.
  • Exhibit a scrolling marquee open sign adjacent to the front door of your retail shop to feature products.
  • Center an open sign in a large street-facing window.
  • Use a multi-colored LED writing board to announce daily restaurant specials.
  • Decorate a dark bar with luminous custom-sculptured neon animals, objects, or word art.
What categories of light signs are available?

Light signs come in many types, from traditional neon signs to more modern LED signs. Here are a few options to tell customers you're open:

  • Full-color LED signs with video display.
  • Wall-wash lights.
  • Sculptured neon figures.
  • Bright lights for wall signs.
  • Lighted channel letter signs.
  • LED billboard lighting.
Can a neon open sign shut off automatically when the store closes?

This depends on the manufacturer. While some signs have a manual power switch, others have multiple options to not only power the sign but also to control the animated features and flash speed. You can also find neon sign lights with remote controls, or you can hook an open sign up to a timer.

What is the difference between LED and neon?

Neon signs are made of glass tubes filled with gases such as argon, helium, krypton, and of course, neon. The type of gas determines the color. Argon makes your neon sign blue, and neon creates red in an open neon sign. Other colors are created from combinations of gases.

LEDs are a semiconductor device that turns energy into light. The LED is a polymer tube, similar to the neon sign, but the tubes are thinner and use less energy. While an open neon sign is considered warmer than an LED open sign, the LED is typically brighter.

Will a flashing vertical neon sign in restaurants disturb diners?

Here are two options if an open sign is disturbing your customers.

  • Hang dark drapes or shutters between the window and the diners.
  • Make sure to angle the neon open sign so it's not in the eye-line of diners when they're seated to eat. If the open sign is hanging outside, there is less glare on the glass as well.
Do neon open designs come in different lettering styles?

You can find neon open signs in a number of fonts. Select the neon open sign that is right for your business to transform street traffic into paying customers.

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