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Neo Geo AES Video Game Consoles

The Neo Geo AES is the first video game system ever produced by SNK Corporation, which later went on to create the Neo Geo CD and the Neo Geo Pocket. It was initially released in Japan and North America in 1990 and in Europe the following year. The system has two different versions: a coin-operated arcade cabinet called the MVS which launched first, and a home console equivalent known as the AES which came out a short time later.

What are the differences between Neo Geo AES and MVS?

The Neo Geo MVS, which stands for Multi Video System, was primarily intended for use in arcades and businesses. The system was engineered to be a 24-bit console with 214KB of total RAM. The CPU was capable of parallel processing, which means that it could handle multiple tasks at once. The system's maximum display resolution was 320 by 224 pixels, and it could deliver 15 different audio channels, allowing for more sounds at once. The system could also store up to six different arcade games in a single console. Instead of using multiple cabinets, the Neo Geo allowed the operator to swap games in and out at will.

On the other hand, the AES system, which stands for Advanced Entertainment System, is a traditional home console. It has the exact same specs as the MVS, matching it in power. It also received all of the same games, which were released on a cartridge ROM format. Both the Neo Geo AES and the MVS can save game data to the 2 KB memory card instead of on the cartridge directly. However, the controller is different between the two systems. The AES featured a traditional arcade stick and four-button layout as a controller, whereas the home system relied on a gamepad controller with the ability to use arcade joysticks.

What kinds of games were released for Neo Geo AES?

Because of its arcade origins, the Neo Geo AES primarily received fighting games, shooters, and sports titles. These included games like The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown, the run and gun third-person shooter Metal Slug, and the sports arcade game Windjammers. Despite the fact that the MVS and AES received the exact same library of games, the MVS and AES cartridges are not compatible with each other due to a different pinout. This means you cannot buy an MVS game and use it on your AES or vice versa.

Is the Neo Geo AES region-free?

The Neo Geo AES is completely region free. Region-locking is an anti-piracy and distribution control measure that prevents games from being played outside their intended country or region. But Neo Geo games can be played regardless of where the hardware originates from.

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