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Necklace Watches

The necklace watch is a piece of jewelry that also tells the time. These timepieces can be hung around the neck as an individual pendant or as a part of a more complex design. The style of necklace watches is often similar to that of a pocket watch, though there are exceptions.

How do you change the time on the watch?

Changing the time on many necklace watches usually works the same way as it does for pocket watches. It is advised to follow the manufacturer's recommendations or the instructions included with your watch. Generally, there is a knob that protrudes from the watch or an area that has a half circle to rotate. Use the knob or wheel to change the time on the pocket watch.

How do you change the battery?

Many watches have the battery size located on the back cover. You will need a small tool that can pop the back cover off. Be careful not to scratch the cover during removal. Carefully remove the battery once the cover is off. If your back cover did not list the battery size, you can find it on the dead battery. Once you have the correct replacement battery, insert it into the battery compartment. Replace the back cover on the back and press down until it clicks into place. Always refer to the manufacturer's documentation for more specific information.

Do all watch pendants have a pocket watch lid?

Not all jewelry timepieces have the lid. Some have a glass pendant timepiece that comes in various shapes, such as a spherical ball or convex disc. Others have a partial lid so the time can be viewed without having to open the lid. Some of the watches are built into the lid. Locket types may show the watch face on the outside so two pictures can be placed inside. Otherwise, the locket can hold one photograph opposite the timepiece. You can even find timepieces that look like dog tags.

What kind of designs are there for women?

Simple designs are generally a solid color or metal. It may have a theme like steampunk or embellishments like Swarovski rhinestones or precious gemstones. Others have themes like fictional characters, cooking, and flying. Some have religious or spiritual symbolism. Many of these have intricate designs inspired by various artistic movements, such as Art Deco.

How often should you wind a vintage necklace watch?

It is important to keep the necklace pocket watch wound so that the internal lubricant is evenly distributed. The answer for how often you need to wind it depends on the frequency it's worn as a timepiece. If worn daily, it is recommended to wind it daily. Otherwise, you should wind it occasionally and every time you wear it.

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