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Naomi and Nicole Shapewear for Women

Shapewear is an undergarment used to purposefully alter the body shape of the person wearing it. Women often choose to dress in shapewear to make their clothing look more appealing on their bodies. With its various styles of foundational undergarments, Naomi and Nicole shapewear offers control over the smoothing and shaping of a woman’s figure.

What are the different styles of Naomi and Nicole shapewear?

Naomi and Nicole shapewear is available in various options:

  • Cami or torsette: The torsette offers firm control of the back and stomach by smoothing away budges and back fat visibility.
  • Slips: This type of undergarment comprises a breathable fabric that offers control of upper and lower body parts.
  • Briefs: The high-waist brief is a shaping undergarment created by Naomi and Nicole to offer firm control over your rear and stomach areas with openings on the inner legs that have an elastic grip to minimize riding up.
  • Bodybriefer: This Naomi and Nicole undergarment aids in smooth coverage and firm control of the rear, waist, back, and bust area.
  • Thigh slimmer: Naomi and Nicole designed the thigh slimmer to aid in firm control of the rear and stomach. Special attention is given to the legs and thighs.
What is the design of the Naomi and Nicole torsette?

Some comprise a combination of nylon, spandex, cotton, and polyester for shaping. The straps are padded to give support and comfort to the sides of the body. At the leg openings, you will find a silicone gripper to keep the undergarment in place. Some torsettes have a crotch opening to allow you to keep the undergarment on while using the restroom.

What’s the design of the Naomi and Nicole thigh slimmer?

Naomi and Nicole high-waist thigh slimmers are designed to control the stomach and thigh areas. At the top edge of the thigh slimmer, you will find an elastic band that holds the undergarment in place around the waist area. The high waist covers most of the torso. The body of the thigh slimmer is made of a stretchy fabric to offer firm control of your waist, hips, thighs, stomach, and rear.

What is the design of the Naomi and Nicole bodybriefer?

The Naomi and Nicole bodybriefer is lightweight with strong fabric to control the shape of your body. Some bodybriefers have front straps that are wide to offer more comfort. The lining of the crotch is a blend of cotton with a silicone gripper at the inner back leg openings.

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