Nail Polish Remover

For many women, nail-polish remover is an essential part of their beauty collection. For the removal of gel, regular, and other polishes, nail polish remover is available in several forms. With a variety of options to choose from, there is an optimal choice for every nail polish and nail.

What forms of nail-polish remover are available?

Because there are a variety of nail-polish formulations, a variety of polish removers are available for the removal of different products.

  • Acetone: This chemical solvent works to dissolve nail polish very quickly. It works very well for glitter polish and darker colors, but should not be used on artificial acrylic or gel nails.
  • Non-acetone: This formula takes longer to dissolve polish, but may be used on both natural and artificial nails.

These formulas are available in bottles, saturated sponges, corrector pens, and saturated pads.

Which polish remover should be used for gel nail polish?

For those with gel manicures, acetone nail-polish remover is best to dissolve gel polish from the nails. Gel nail polish is fairly difficult to remove, so allow the nailbeds to soak in nail-polish remover for about 30 minutes. When they are finished soaking, gently push the gel polish off with your finger. If any gel remains, simply soak the nails for a bit longer and repeat the process to remove all the gel.

Which nail-polish remover removes shellac polish?

Like gel polish, Shellac nail polish is long-lasting and difficult to remove. To fully remove it, you will need to use an acetone nail-polish remover. Soak a cotton ball or pad in remover and press it into the polish. Wrap the finger in aluminum foil and allow 30 minutes for soaking time. Afterward, remove the foil and cotton and gently slide the nail polish from the nail. If there is any residue, simply repeat the process.

Which kind of polish is non-acetone remover used for?

Non-acetone remover is typically used on regular nail lacquer. Because non-acetone remover is not as heavy-duty, it is very difficult to use for the removal of gel manicures. Non-acetone products are typically used for light-colored nail polish to maintain the beauty and health of natural, bare nails.

Is gel nail-polish remover safe for skin?

Acetone is safe but may be a bit drying to the skin and cuticles. This is because a strong solvent is necessary to dissolve non-chipping lacquers like gel polish. This is easily remedied with a bit of cuticle oil. To avoid drying out the skin, do not use excess amounts of the product and try to focus the acetone on the nailbeds only.