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Nail Art Rhinestones

When you hear the word rhinestone, you may be reminded of shiny tennis bracelets or necklaces with bright stones that resemble faux diamonds. When it comes to nail art, rhinestones can encompass a broad meaning of different types of nail art, meant for gel, acrylic, or standard nails. If your goal is to try your hand at some DIY decoration, there are a few different styles and types of rhinestones available to help you achieve that perfect look.

How Do I Know What Type of Rhinestones to Buy?

If you regularly go to the salon, and are not sure what type of nail you usually have done, it's a good idea to ask. These are essentially three common types.

  • Acrylic: These nails fundamentally go on top of your natural nail. They have long staying power, and there are rhinestones and glue especially made for this material.
  • Gel or gel fill: The most cumbersome of nail art types, gels often have the longest life. There are rhinestones gems especially made for this type, as well.
  • Manicure: If you have long, natural nails, then you can look for rhinestones especially designed for a natural nail.

How Do I Choose a Rhinestone?

What color or type you choose depends heavily upon personal preference, but there are some ideas to try:

  • Beads: This type will extend higher than your natural or artificial nail, but depending upon its makeup, will provide a lot of sparkle.
  • Decals: These rhinestones will be even with your natural or acrylic nail, and may be less cumbersome if you use your hands a lot.
  • Crystals or Swarovski crystals: These are actual crystals or stones that will be affixed to the top of your nail.
  • Studs: These rhinestones can either be glued or inserted (similarly to an earring stud) in your nail.

How Do I Create Designs?

To create a true design on your own nail, you may need a little bit of inspiration to help you out the first time.

  • Browse through pictures and galleries for art ideas to get an idea of what others and other nail shops have done with natural and artificial nails. Look for multi-color and marbleizing ideas in nail art.
  • Mix rhinestones with other appliques and nail art, such as art 3D decoration, pearls, other nail designs, jewelry, and colors.
  • Use glitter and gems to create an artistic style on all of your nails, or choose an intricate shape and art style for just one. On any nail design, be sure to use a top coat to prolong the life of your manicure.

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