NEC is a global telecommunication, information technology, and electronics company dealing in laptops, PCs, phones, phone systems, and other products. The company has been in operation since 1899 and is represented in every major economic market in the world. NEC started out selling phones, and while it has grown in the past 118 years to include a host of other products, it still offers their original communications product in a variety of models including landlines, desktop phones, and cell phones.

Does NEC offer desktop phones?

Yes, they do. This telephone is a wired, stationary device that sits on a desk. Though they still have an open slot for the traditional landline, these telephones can also be connected via USB port to a computer and use the internet as the communications medium. NEC offers a line of these telephones that integrate desktop telephones with tablets to give customers a system with many features for calls. NEC telephone systems offer operators full-color displays with multi-touch capabilities, the ability for application development, Bluetooth technology, voice recognition, USB ports, speakerphone capabilities, built-in cameras, and multiple login support. These NEC telephone systems also come with multiline Session Initiation Protocols that emulate any NEC phone. Desktop phone systems are also ergonomically designed.

What characteristics do NEC's DECTs have?

NEC Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications handsets give users mobility while in the office using wireless telephony. They allow workers to remain productive while away from the desk by giving an extended reach for them to communicate. NEC’s Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications systems are fully integrated with the UNIVERGE SV9000 platform, allowing all communications to be encrypted. DECT handsets come with a large, color-illuminated display with icon-based menus, a built-in speakerphone for hands-free operation, a standard battery charge allowing for 20 hours of use and 200 hours of standby time, encryption tools, automated logging, programmable keys, multiline ability, and a contacts directory.

What is NEC's Multiline Client?

NEC’s Multiline Client gives users mobile access to the desktop telephone system by placing it on Android and Apple mobile devices. The app is gives phone response by emulating the interface of an NEC 32-button phone display, and has all the visual displays and features found on desktop telephone systems. The app lets workers transfer calls to and from their NEC desktop telephones, in effect switching the call from one network to another. Incoming calls can be set to one number with a simultaneous ringing of all connected devices. The app supports Bluetooth and wired headsets, syncs with Microsoft Outlook, and offers access to the majority of SV9000 series system options. With Multiline Client mobile, workers will be able to simulate the office work experience from their mobile devices.

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