Make Your Collection Complete with an N64 Box

Empty N64 game boxes can be found on eBay to help restore your Nintendo 64 collection to its complete glory. N64 box art is a visually valuable piece of the complete puzzle that is an N64 system with games. Even an N64 box reproduction can help fill in gaps and make displays thorough.

What can you do with Nintendo 64 game boxes?
  • Displays: An N64 box is a good size to fit on bookshelves or display shelves. They can be displayed face out to share the art with the world or lined up narrowly to fit more boxes in more meager space allowances.
  • Sell complete sets: People are more drawn to games that come complete with boxes and booklets where available, so you might want to consider a replacement box if yours has become damaged or missing to have a better chance of selling your game.
  • Make collections more valuable: Even if you do not wish to sell your collection, it is more complete and valuable with the small improvement of the purchase of a game's N64 box.
How big is an N64 box?

The N64 console box for the system itself, in millimeters, is 470 x 300 x 110. In inches, that is 18.5 x 11.8 x 4.3. Game boxes are of course much smaller. With an N64 box template that is 4 and 7/8 inches tall, 7 and 1/16 inches in length, and 1 and 3/13 inches wide.

How can you display N64 box art?

You have several different options for taking eBay's array of Nintendo 64 game boxes and turning them into wall art. The first and easiest is simply to prop the boxes on a shelf, case, or display rack. Another option is to flatten the boxes and use fasteners like sticky tack or push pins to create a wall mural of N64 game cases. Because they are lightweight, empty game N64 boxes can be arranged on versatile, inexpensive, makeshift photo rails, made as follows:

  • Step 1 - Take a simple ruler from a foot to a yard in length, some thin ribbon, and a thumb tack or push pin.
  • Step 2 - Tie ribbon around each end of ruler.
  • Step 3 - Insert thumb tack or push-pin in wall and hang center of the ribbon from it.
  • Step 4 - Display boxes on ruler's surface tilted slightly backward to avoid having display boxes fall at random intervals and causing disarray and startling.