• Myron L DS Meter, 532T2, 1080942

    Untested, see pictures for more details. Fastcom Faulhaber Federal Pioneer Federal Products Co. Futaba Futurestar Galil Motion GaSonics Gast GasTech Gaston Gates GC Valves GD California GE Fanuc GE General Electric GE Industrial Services Gems Sensors GEMU General Monitors General Precision General Scanning Genie Industries Genmark Automation GenRad Genwac Georg Fischer Geotest Gespac GF Signet Glassman Glentek Global Laser Gluton West Go Inc.Gould GPI General Precision GPI General Precision Inc.
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  • Myron L Company 759 II COND/TDS 750 Series II TDS Meter Qty = 2

    As usual if don't know what this is and how to use it don't but it. removed from working install.
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  • Brand New Myron L 512T10 DS Conductivity Meter, 0-8000 ppm

    TDS 0-10,000 parts per million (PPM). Temperature Automatic (to 25°C/77ºF) for conductivity Compensation samples between 10-71°C/50-160°F. Readout 2½ in. Power One 9 volt battery supplied; Battery Life: >2000 tests/1 year.
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