Access Online Math Courses with a Pearson MyMathLab Access Code

MyMathLab is an affordable online education tool created by Pearson Education. It is designed to be a complement to their physical mathematical textbooks. The system can adapt to a student's performance based on an evaluation of their individual progress throughout the course.

Which mathematical courses does MyMathLab cover?

MyMathLab covers dozens of different courses in algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, college/liberal arts math, and technical math. Note that you are purchasing an access code to the online course; be sure to confirm that the access code corresponds to the education course you need.

What are the main features of MyMathLab?

MyMathLab consists of several distinct components. These components may differ between courses since they are accessed online and set by the instructor of the course. Some common elements include:

  • Practice Exercises: MyMathLab practice problems are generated by a proprietary algorithm that gives students unlimited opportunities to practice the core concepts, providing immediate feedback. It can also deliver additional practice exercises based on how the student is actually performing. MyMathLab emphasizes repetition and mastery. The information is broken down into manageable sections to help make learning easier. Hints, videos, and animations are available to help the student grasp and understand what they are getting wrong and why. It also provides step-by-step guidance on how to solve the problem.
  • Personalized Homework: Students receive personalized homework assignments which emphasize concepts they need to master.
  • Study Plan: The study plan functions as an online tutor. It recommends what kind of work the student should focus on next.
  • Online Gradebook: This allows the student to track the results of their tests, homework, and practice exercises. The instructor can also view this information and provide students with additional assistance when necessary.
  • Interactive eText: This is an electronic form of the education textbook. It allows students to highlight text, make notes, and bookmark specific pages. Embedded videos and links may also be included.
Which platform is MyMathLab available on?

MyMathLab was designed for desktop and laptop computers. However, the eText companion app does allow all existing subscribers to access their eText documents on an iPad or Android tablet. These documents are available for online or offline viewing.

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