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About Ford Mustang Turbo Chargers & Parts 

You have always dreamed about having a Mustang rumbling down the street with a huge engine. You have the car, now all you need is to make it a turbo Mustang. There are many options on how you can do this. It all depends on your type of engine and what upgrades are already on it. You may need to buy a Mustang turbo charger to add to your engine. A lot of these come with everything you need to install them, but some may need to have additional parts purchased. Buying a Mustang turbo kit may work better for what you need because they include the manifolds, intercoolers, boost controllers, the turbochargers, piping, oiling and oil cooling setup, along with many other pieces that you need to upgrade your car to a turbo Mustang. No matter at which stage your engine is, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection of parts from which to choose.