Mugs are used for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and other drinks. Many are designed for hot and cold liquids. Whether you go with a practical or a cute coffee mug, it's important to know about your options.

What are the different types of mugs?

You will find that are all sorts of different mugs available. You can find a coffee mug or a mug that's designed for an array of other drinks. You might want to gift someone a purple coffee mug or a personalized travel mug.

  • Ceramic mugs: Ceramic mugs are traditionally used for coffee and tea.
  • Travel mugs: Travel mugs are insulated to keep liquid hot.
  • Metal mugs: Stainless steel and copper mugs are used for camping as well as alcoholic drinks, such as the mule.
  • Mug sets: A set of two or four (or more) coffee mugs ensure everyone has matching tumblers.
How much liquid is held inside of a mug?

The amount of liquid held inside of a mug is important. You don't want to have to refill a travel mug, for example. You also don't want to fill a mug only a part of the way if it isn't the right kind of mug for what you're sipping.

  • Espresso: A standard espresso cup holds 3 oz.
  • Coffee mug: Coffee mugs hold between 8 and 12 oz. in most instances.
  • Travel mug: Travel mugs can hold 24 oz. and more depending on the model.
What are the different features available in a travel mug?

There are all sorts of different features including in coffee mugs and stainless steel travel mugs.

  • Lid: Many travel mugs will have a lid so that the coffee stays hot and you can sip with the lid on.
  • Insulated: A double wall will help to keep the liquid hot or cold.
  • Handle: A handle on the travel mug makes it easier to carry.
  • Personalized: You can have a cute saying added to the coffee mug or choose a color, such as black or purple.
How do you shop for a coffee mug?

When you're ready to get a coffee mug, take the time to look at what's available. You can find a purple coffee mug just as easily as you can find a travel tumbler.

  • Style: Decide whether you want a travel mug or a coffee mug for another purpose.
  • Size: Determine how much liquid you want to hold in the mug.
  • Features: Look at the insulated mugs and other features.
  • Color: Decide on a color or personalized design.

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