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Jeep Grand Cherokee Mufflers

As part of the exhaust system on a vehicle, a muffler is designed to decrease the sound of exhaust from the engine. Jeep is a known for its SUV and off-road vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee line that includes the Altitude, High Altitude, Laredo, Limited, Overland, SRT, Summit, Trackhawk, and Trailhawk models. Accessories and parts are available for repair or upgrade of exhaust systems on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

When should a muffler be replaced on a Grand Cherokee?

How long this component will last on your Jeep Grand Cherokee will vary, but the average minimum on most vehicles is 40,000 miles. As a device that serves to direct gases out of the engine as well as to reduce noise, this exhaust component functions continuously, so it is not uncommon for the muffler to need replacing every five to seven years. Premature wear is common where salt is used on roads or in areas near oceans. Damage from potholes and speed bumps can shorten the lifespan as well. There are signs that you can look for that will indicate that it is time for repair or replacement, including:

  • Sight: Holes, rust, splits on seams, and excessive condensation are signs that indicate problems.
  • Smell: If you can smell fumes inside your Jeep Cherokee, this is often indicates a leak.
  • Sound: Increased engine noise, loud exhaust system noises, and other strange clamor can signal an issue.
  • Engine Performance: Engine misfires and decreased gas mileage can be caused by leaks.
  • Vibrations: A leak can cause odd vibrations from the gas pedal, steering wheel, or even the entire vehicle.
How do you replace the muffler hangers on a Cherokee?

There are multiple exhaust hangers located on the exhaust systems of Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. The muffler hangers on your Grand Cherokee hold it in place with the aid of a bracket. While these hangers are usually universal in design throughout exhaust systems, reference a repair manual written for the model year of your Cherokee for any differences in how it fits. Once you have a safe clearance that gives you access to the muffler, follow these steps:

  • Slide the hanger off of the peg on the Grand Cherokee underside.
  • Slide the hanger off of the peg on the support bracket.
  • Push the new hanger onto the support bracket.
  • Push the new hanger onto the peg on the Jeep underside.
  • Repeat this process for any other hanger replacement.
Are Grand Cherokee mufflers available as separate components?

Yes, you can get these for your Jeep Grand Cherokee separately from other components. Jeep Cherokee parts are available as OEM or from other manufacturers.