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Mufflers for Acura Integra

If enough noise is coming out of your Acura Integra’s exhaust to attract stares, it may be time to replace the muffler. Mufflers for these cars are readily available. You will have to choose the appropriate size, type, and material to obtain the fit and sound you want.

How do you choose a muffler?

There are many different options. Which one you choose will depend on the year your car was manufactured and how much noise reduction you want from the device. It also depends on whether you want original manufacturer or aftermarket parts and what type of muffler you need.

How do you fit your car with a muffler?

There are a couple of different components to this. Your muffler will come with a length of pipe at each end that attaches to your existing exhaust system. The diameter of the inlet needs to match the diameter of the piece coming from the resonator. The diameter of the outlet needs to match the tailpipe or tip. Many will have one inlet and one outlet, but there are also dual exhaust options.

The second component of fit is the overall size of the device. It must fit in the space that is given to it under the car. The typical type for an Acura Integra is a long, flattened oval. The actual size you need will depend on the model year of your car.

What types are available?

There are three general types of mufflers.

  • Chambered: The factory part on your car was probably the chambered type. Most of the vehicle-specific parts you find will be this type.
  • Turbo: You can also find turbo mufflers that fit, although they are usually universal parts rather than vehicle-specific. These have a slightly different design that produces a louder, sportier sound.
  • Straight-through: The third type is the straight-through style. It consists of a single tube surrounded by a sound-absorbing layer. You can find universal models that will fit, but they are primarily for racing applications. They give the car a loud, aggressive sound.
What materials are the mufflers made from?

Mufflers are made of either stainless steel or aluminized steel. Both options produce a part that is strong enough to handle the high pressure of exhaust gases and the hits from rocks and road debris. Stainless-steel models will last a long time, but for everyday applications, the aluminized models are standard and perform appropriately.

What features are available on these mufflers?
  • Direct-fit design: Depending on the model, they may fasten with clamps, bolts, or one of each. In any case, you just take off the old and put on the new.
  • One-piece assembly: The muffler, inlet pipe, and outlet pipe are made in one piece. This makes installation easier and eliminates the need to weld the pieces together.
  • Uniform flow-holes: The holes in the internal tubes allow even flow of the exhaust gases. This allows condensation to burn off faster and prevents hot and cold spots from forming. The result is less chance of negative effects, leading to longer life for the part.
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