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Movies & Entertainment Gift Cards

Gift cards for movies at the box office and entertainment can be a convenient way to pay for your purchases. You may want to give these as a gift or keep them for yourself. Learning how they operate will make it easier to decide what you want.

Where can gift cards be used?

These are generally brand-specific. You can buy them for specific theaters, restaurants, or other locations. This means that you will be able to use them for the brand or location for which you bought them. If you buy them for a movie theater, for example, you could use it to pay for movie tickets, popcorn, drinks, or anything else at that cinema. If it is a national chain, you can use it at any of those theaters.

Can they be reloaded?

Often, you have the ability to reload with more money, making it worthwhile to keep the card. You will then be able to go online or go into a physical location to identify the amount that you want to have loaded onto it.

Do gift cards offer credit?

These only hold as much value as was preloaded onto them. There is no credit extended to you on the card. Once there is no more value, you can either choose to throw it out or reload more onto it. You also do not need to have good credit in order to get a gift card.

Can you use coupons with gift cards?

Gift cards act as a form of payment. You can choose to use coupons, if you have them, to reduce the total. Once there is a total, you can then use the payment. If there are not enough funds, you can then identify a second form of payment, such as credit or cash.

How do you check the balance on gift cards?

You can check the balance in a few ways. This will make it possible to determine if you have enough funds for the movies and entertainment in which you wish to partake.

  • By phone: You can call a toll-free number on the back to determine what the gift card balance is.
  • Online: Follow the website instructions on the card to review your balance. You may also be able to load more funds using this method.
  • Receipt: Often, at the bottom of the receipt, the balance will be identified.