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Moultrie Hunting Game and Trail Cameras

A Moultrie game and trail camera can assist you in planning your next hunting expedition. Setting up a Moultrie trail camera allows you to track game in your preferred hunting location, giving you key information about the habits and timing of your game. Trail cameras can also be used for capturing wildlife images at feeders and in the wild.

What features come with a Moultrie game camera?

Using a Moultrie trail camera, or several trail cams, to cover a large area of ground can improve your hunting performance. Game cameras that cater to hunters or wildlife viewers often have several key features designed to deliver quality images. Those features include:

  • Higher pixel count: With a higher pixel count, you will get sharper, clearer images that can be enlarged without losing details or ending up with a fuzzy image.
  • Trigger speed: The faster the trigger speed, the more likely it is that you will capture crisp images.
  • Detection range: This will differ in daylight as opposed to darkness; the ideal detection range should be 100 feet in daylight.
  • Infrared LED flash: To capture images in low light or at night, an infrared flash is ideal because it doesn't use glaring light that can spook game or animals.
  • Burst mode: This allows you to set your trail camera to take multiple pictures once the trigger is tripped, rather than just one image.
What do the different pixels and ranges mean on cameras?

Pixels are the smallest components of any digital photographic image. The more pixels per image, the higher the resolution and the better the clarity of the image, allowing for enlargements that retain detail. Range refers to the distance at which the game must pass by for the camera to trigger to take a photograph.

Does a game camera have a flash?

Game and trail cameras are typically equipped with an infrared flash comprised of several LED units to capture high-quality images. This feature allows you to capture images at night without a bright flare of light since the infrared seeks the body heat of the animal. Infrared LED cameras are required on public hunting land.

Do Moultrie game cameras have secure digital cards?

Moultrie game cameras are equipped with SD cards to digitally record images. The company also offers replacement cards.

Moultrie provides a managed memory feature in their game cameras. Set the game camera to Overwrite Oldest, and when the card is full, the camera will begin erasing the oldest images and photographs to free up memory on the card for new images. You can also choose to set the camera to cease taking images once the SD card is full if you want to switch the card for a replacement.

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