A smartphone can connect you with family and friends in an instant. When choosing a device, it helps to look at its specifications and details, such as its camera, operating system, and ability to add on accessories. Motorola devices include the Moto X, Z, G, and E families, and you can find information about the Z family's Moto mods feature and more below.

What are Moto mods?

Moto mods are accessories that can snap onto any Moto Z device, including the Z Play and Z2 Play. They add various features to a basic smartphone, such as a:

  • Speaker - Snap on this accessory for stereo sound anywhere.
  • Projector - This mod will turn your phone into a projector, which allows you to project images onto any wall.
  • Game pad - This mod comes with control pads and sticks to turn your phone into a gaming device.
Do Motorola phones come with virtual assistants?

An assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, can be attached to any Moto Z phone as a Moto mod accessory. In addition, all Moto phones come with a virtual assistant called Google Now. You can give Google Now voice commands, such as calling a person on your contact list, or playing a song.

What are some features of the Moto G5s Plus?

This device is a member of the Moto G family. Some of its features and specifications are described below.

  • Camera - The G5s Plus comes with a dual rear camera; each rear-facing camera can take 13-MP images. The front-facing camera is 8 MP and can also capture wide-angle shots.
  • Display - The display measures 5.5 inches.
  • Colors - This model is available in two base colors of gray and gold.
  • Operating system - The operating system is Android.
What are some features of the Moto Z?

Some of the features and specifications of this Motorola smartphone is as follows.

  • Mods - As indicated, Mods are accessories that are compatible with any phone in the Z family. The back of the Moto Z snaps off and is interchangeable with numerous accessories.
  • Operating system - The Z runs on the Android operating system. The operating system can be updated for compatibility with Daydream by Google virtual-reality technology.
  • Storage - The standard version comes with 64GB of storage space. This device also has a microSD card slot which you can use for up to 2TB of additional storage.
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