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Learn More About the Motorola S305 Headphones

The Motorola S305 is a slim headphone unit. It connects to your phone wirelessly, so you can listen to music or make calls without getting tangled up in cables. With eBay, you can find the S305 model and accessories that suit your listening needs.

How does the S305 connect to your phone?

The S305 is equipped with Bluetooth technology. This short-range wireless communication connects to your phone, allowing you to stream audio without having to deal with the inconvenience of a cable. Simply turn on the Bluetooth capability on your phone, and then pair it to the headphones for instant, wire-free connection.

What are the available controls on the S305?

The Motorola S305 headphones are wireless, so they come with a variety of controls. These buttons allow you to operate the different functions of the headphones.

  • Power button: This button turns the headphones on and off to preserve battery life.
  • Volume buttons: These buttons control the volume of the headphones.
  • Call button: This button connects to your phone, so you can accept incoming phone calls with a single touch.
  • Track controls: These buttons allow you to switch to the previous or next track. You can also use them to rewind, fast forward, pause, and play your music or podcasts.
What is typically included with a Motorola?

The S305 is a standalone unit, so you don't need to worry about having to purchase special accessories. Most units come with the headphones as well as a charging cable. The cable connects to the charging port on the headphones, and the other end plugs in to a standard wall outlet. Sometimes you can get a USB charging cable that you can plug directly into your computer, a wall block, or a USB wall charging plug.

The battery in the S305 is engineered to last for the lifetime of the headphones, and it is possible to buy a Motorola S305 battery replacement.

What type of headband does the S305 use?

S305 headphones come with a fixed, curved headband that can be worn in a variety of positions. The headband is made from molded plastic with rounded edges that won't dig into your skin. Each end is equipped with an earhook that fits lightly over the top of your ear. The hooks hold the speakers in place over your ears without excess pressure. The lightweight headband rotates, so you can wear it on the top of your head, at the back, or even resting at the base of your neck.

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