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Finding the Best Motorola Headsets and Earpieces

Motorola, once a U.S. owned and based telecommunications conglomerate founded in the 1920s, split into several independent companies in 2011. Motorola Solutions, the successor company which most truly resembles its parent, is a multinational provider of wireless and cellular network systems and technology. Its wireless telephone division has long been considered a pioneer in cellular and mobile telephone development, especially in regards to handsets. Motorola earpieces allow their wearers to more comfortably conduct calls or transmit audio via microphones without needing to hold phones, handsets, or lean close to computer or radio mounted equipment.;

Headsets and earpieces are distinguished by the presence of a frame which rests over the crown of the head. Some wearers with small ears or prone to headaches prefer the weight distribution provided by the frame of a headset, while earpieces are less bulky.;

Are Motorola Headsets and Earpieces Durable?

The durability of Motorola headsets, Bluetooth headsets, radio headsets, and earpieces is of course determined by the manner of their use. Users who are careful with headsets generally experience less damage or trouble, or changes in audio, or microphone transmission quality over time. But, that said:

  • CNet and other professional review websites often rank Motorola headsets in middle or high ranges.
  • Different models of headset and earpieces are built to different specifications meaning researching the specific model you intend to buy is a must. Bluetooth headsets often have different designs to radio specific models.
  • PTT Microphones and other components with switches, PTT buttons, or Bluetooth toggles can decrease a headset or earpiece's useful life as moving parts are generally the first to experience problems.

Are Motorola Bluetooth Headsets Compatible With My Other Devices?

Though Bluetooth headsets, earpieces, accessories and devices are generally cross-compatible with the majority of other Bluetooth devices, users should be aware of some possible exceptions.;

  • Bluetooth does update its software and, in some cases, particularly old wireless devices, ear pieces, headsets, microphones, or other accessories may not function with newer products.
  • Both devices must be properly turned on and have access to power.; Some devices have a limited battery life which can interrupt Bluetooth connectivity.;
  • Devices using Bluetooth alternatives such as Induction Wireless or UWB (Ultra Wideband) protocols may have difficulty connecting to Bluetooth devices.

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