Communicate Clearly With the Motorola H19TXT

You may be one of the busy kind of people who are often overwhelmed by their packed to-do lists that just keep on burgeoning with every missed call. Well, with a Motorola H19TXT available from eBay, you can manage some of your correspondence duties while you are on the move thanks to the numerous and generously priced Motorola H19TXT devices on sale. With the Motorola H19TXT Bluetooth device, you are set to enjoy hands-free productivity.

How is it adapted for seamless voice communication?

All the brand new and refurbished Motorola H19TXT headsets on sale at eBay can deliver exquisite experiences thanks to clear HD phone calls. This device features an extended range of up to 300 feet that allows you to roam away from your phone without losing any voice clarity. For increased clarity, high-quality sound and wide-band acoustics, the cutting-edge communications device features:

  • HD Audio Plus technology
  • CrystalTalk dual-mic technology
Which accommodations guarantee hands-free productivity and out-door freedom?

You can literally send text messages via voice prompts with this device. By just installing the My Motospeak App, you can hear all the incoming messages and calls, send out text messages by speaking them out, make and take calls all without having to touch your phone. In fact, the liberating hands-free productivity can last up to nine hours of clear-voice talk time. The enduring battery runtime can perform much better if left on standby by lasting up to 16 days of standby charge conservation. For convenient, empowering, easy-to-use and convenient use, the Motorola H19TXT can be configured into three wearing styles:

  • On-ear hook
  • In-ear hook
  • In-ear gel with no hook
Which are some of the smart features of this device?
  • A2DP: This smart feature allows you to stream music, access voice manuals, and enjoy real-time gaming communication. It works with Siri.
  • Advanced Multipoint Technology: This cutting-edge innovation allows users to connect the headset to two devices.
  • NFC Technology: You can easily pair to other devices wirelessly by just tapping into the NFC area once.
Which features help to monitor this device's connectivity?

The headset device relies on an electrical charge to power its Bluetooth connectivity. When turned on, the LED indicator will glow in a blue-red range indicating the connectivity status. You must make sure that the headset is sufficiently charged. It features LED lights that track the charge status and indicate remaining battery runtime. If you are using it for the first time, make sure it is fully charged to ensure future longevity and reliability. Turn on the headset and allow its LED indicator to glow a solid blue light. A voice prompt will welcome you to the device and announce its readiness to pair. If you follow the instructions issued via some connection voice prompts, the headset announces the completed pairing with another voice prompt.

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