Use a Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkie for Two-Way Radio Communication

A two-way radio from Motorola can be an effective way to facilitate personal or professional communication between two parties. Both the company's new and used CP200 and CP200d models are available on eBay. Familiarizing yourself with some of the main features and functions of these radios can help you choose the set that meets your needs.

On which frequency bands do CP200 radios operate?

The affordable Motorola CP200 walkie talkie on eBay is able to operate on one of two main frequencies. Neither frequency is better than the other. However, one may offer you some advantages over the other depending on your intended use for your Motorola radio. The frequency you choose depends on your preferences. Note that for short distances of less than 300 feet, the bands should operate similarly. A longer wavelength can send a two-way radio signal further than a shorter one. These bands include:

  • UHF - Motorola radios that operate on a UHF frequency may be available at a lower price point. This frequency might be a good fit for office spaces that separate the radios by several floors.
  • VHF - This frequency might be a good fit for you if you need to use a Motorola radio in a casual or outdoor environment.
What features do these two-way radios have?

These versatile Motorola CP200 radios have a variety of features that can enhance their usability. Some of the main features are:

  • Channel access - You may be able to use these radios to access various weather channels and receive alerts via your CP200 earpiece.
  • Push-to-Talk - This feature allows you to communicate with other Motorola radios across the same channel using just one button.
  • Noise limitation - CP200 radios may have noise reduction technology to cancel background noise when you are listening through an earpiece.
  • Water resistance - These Motorola radios have water-resistant shells that may offer some protection to the antennas and other components.
What radio services can you get?

Most two-way radios operate on specific services as outlined by the Federal Communications Commission. Not all services require you to have a license to operate your Motorola radios. Some of the most common personal services you can use with your Motorola are:

  • FRS - Family Radio Service is used for short-range communications.
  • MURS - Multi-Use Radio Services operate on five UHF bands and have some rules or regulations attached to their use.
  • GMRS - You need a license to operate a CP200 on General Mobile Radio Services.
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